Take Next Level Action and Crush 2016

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2015 was an amazing year, but I by no means crushed it. Most of the year I took mediocre level action, and achieved mediocre results. 

I waited until  November to actually start crushing it.

Just in November I completed my foundations level 1 at Gym Jones I finally hired Jason Tremblay from (@thestrengthguys) as my coach. I’m only on week 3 of that program and I am seeing more results than I have the previous 10 months of training. Before I was writing my own programming, meaning if I didn’t feel like doing it, it generally wouldn’t get done. Now I have someone to hold me accountable. 

I plan on continuing this path throughout 2016. 


So the first step of taking next level action would be to hire a coach and get a solid plan to follow. EVERYONE NEEDS SOMEONE TO HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE AND EVERYONE NEEDS A PLAN. It doesn’t matter if you’re a personal trainer, a sports coach, or any other kind of lifestyle entrepreneur. Whatever your goal is hire a coach in that field that will help hold you accountable and push you to the next level. 
(I do have openings for remote coaching send me an email for more details coaching@devannielsen.com)


The next step to take next level action is to follow the plan. Get a planner, a whiteboard, whatever. 

Write your plan down so you’ll see it when you get up in the morning, when you’re walking around your house/office, put it on a 3×5 card and stick it in your pocket. The more places you see it the more you’re going to stick to it. 


If you want to crush it tomorrow, or the next day you need to let go of yesterday. Stop letting the past hold you back otherwise 6 months from now you’re going to be exactly where you’ve been for the last 10+ years. Reflect on yesterday, analyze it, make sure you write down your wins. Unless it’s a learning experience fuck your losses, you’ll have another day to lose, but every day is another chance to win. 


You are who you hangout with. Online, offline, when you’re reading, when you’re watching reality TV. When you’re writing and reflecting on the last year keep this in mind. Who are you spending your time with and are they pushing you? Are you pushing them? How can you add to their life? 

I want to keep this short with extremely simple (not easy) ACTION ITEMS. 


  1. Hire a coach and develop a plan
  2. Follow the plan
  3. Let go of everything holding you back
  4. Spend time with people that will push you

I look forward to crushing it together in this coming year. I’m starting a secret Facebook group and you’ll need to be on my mailing list to get an invite. Make sure you join it today!